Shark Costume Hello! My name is Veronica or Vero for short. I am a Twitch Streamer and YouTuber based in Florida.
I have an IRL full time job in gaming and can often be found gaming when I'm not working. I currently stream on Twitch Monday-Friday and upload videos weekly to YouTube.

Twitch Streamer

I currently stream Monday-Friday around 11pm/12am EST. I mostly stream ranked Apex Legends or Overwatch, but you can find me playing other games too. Not sure when I'll be live next? Check the stream calendar!

YouTube Channel

Besides being a streamer, I upload weekly videos to my YouTube channel. I post a variety of content on my channel including but not limited to: gameplays, vlogs, unboxings, and videos talking about a variety of things in gaming.


I've been building my setup over the last year or so. I use not only for my full time job, but also for streaming, YouTube, and just gaming in general. Custom built PC was built in September 2017. If you click on "Learn more" can see all of the specs.


I started an ASMR channel in June 2020. I post a variety of content every week from gameplays, to brushing, and more. If you're into ASMR, please consider checking out my channel.


Please use the contact form below to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.